David Antonio Loureiro aka David AL © 2023
Série de peintures "les spécimens" en cours de réalisation par David AL, peintre contemporain

Readily recognisable by its hybrid figures, fragmented objects, and spatial indeterminacy, the artwork of David Antonio Loureiro is first and foremost a statement about rupture. 

By playing with the viewer’s perceptions, the characters, as well as the indoor and outdoor spaces, tend to become confused or disappear, then rematerialize in the composition in a form of balance.

David AL lives in the painting daily and approaches it as a conviction in the search for a balance that oscillates between satisfaction and doubt. This process is also emphasised by the intertwining of figuration and abstraction, as visible in « Le Fusillé Souriant » or more recently in the series of « Specimens » deployed in the blur of a setting sprayed with dots of colour using a machine.


Using historically identifiable figures or those from everyday life revisited and represented in a frontal manner for his compositions, usually attributed to classical painting, David hopes to stimulate his audience to recognise the subjects of the paintings. Despite their « almost realistic » appearance, his paintings use a mixture of impastos, transparencies, and superimpositions to provide the content with a surprising materiality. 


The intention is to generate doubts and questions about the events unfolding in the artworks, rather than certainties in the viewer’s mind.

About the “SPECIMENS” painting series (2023)