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Série de peintures "les spécimens" en cours de réalisation par David AL, peintre contemporain
Exhibition at Harmony Art Gallery (Shanghai) – Art exchange program
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Exhibition at Harmony Art Gallery (Shanghai) – Art exchange program

“Harmony Art Exchange Program – Sunny Art Prize 2018” from April 12th to June 12th 2019 – Harmony Art Gallery – Shanghai – China

Harmony Art Gallery is proud to present Harmony Art Exchange Programme – Sunny Art Prize 2018” from April 12th to June 12th 2019. Partner with Sunny Art Centre from London, the exhibition will feature artworks of the shortlisted artists from “Sunny Art Prize 2018”, which is the second edition of this international art competition,

The artists featured in this exhibition are Stephen Doyle (Ireland), Jeongkeun Lee (South Korea), J. Jie Li (U.S.), David Antonio Loureiro (France), Juheon Cho (South Korea), Mi-Young Choi (South Korea), WhooHyoung Choi (South Korea), Kishwar Kiani (U.K.), Stephanie Kilgast (France), Shinyoung Park (South Korea), Wei Tan (U.K.), and Stefano Zaratin (Italy).

The selection of artists from all over the globe will provide audiences in the East to further re-elaborate the themes explored during the London exhibition. The variety of practices, from drawing and painting to mixed media, sculpture, photography, and installation will allow for wider engagements towards issues relating to contemporary socio-economic contexts. Religion, immigration, borders, gender and sexuality, identity, and climate change are just a few of the critical topics these international artists wish for visitors to confront. Therefore, the scope of the exhibition, trough travelling artworks and ideas, is to let audiences from different global contexts respond in culturally unique ways to problems and issues that affect us all on a universal level.

Furthermore, as a Chinese-U.K. Cultural Exchange Centre, Harmony Art is always committed to the cultural and art exchange between China and the West by introducing Chinese artists to the world, and at the same time bringing more international artists to China to reach new markets and audiences.