David Antonio Loureiro aka David AL © 2023
Série de peintures "les spécimens" en cours de réalisation par David AL, peintre contemporain
Artistic residency in Shanghai – Press – paris-normandie.fr
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Artistic residency in Shanghai – Press – paris-normandie.fr

It is with the painting “Le Fusillé souriant”, a large format of 93 cm by 136 cm (oil on canvas) where figuration and abstraction intertwine, that David Antonio Loureiro, a multi-talented painter, took part in the Sunny Art Prize organised by Sunny Art Center, a London gallery that favours artists who address the contemporary world and its urgent issues: climate change, immigration and gender.

Art residency

He won an award and was selected for a two-week residency at Harmony Art Gallery in Shanghai.
David Antonio Loureiro, who lives in the Le Havre region, has an extensive CV. A graduate of the art schools of Rouen and Montpellier, he participated in the creation of a monument built with political refugees during his civil service in Brussels in 1998, in the activities of the association La Source/La Guéroulde founded by the painter Garouste, in the Eure region, which puts art at the service of social issues; he works with people in difficulty… He is also a friend of the Grain à démoudre association and, thanks to his sculpting talents, he created the trophy (the equivalent of the César) for the festival prize. He is also a video artist who runs audiovisual creation workshops for young people.

But for some years now, he has wanted to devote himself more to painting, to exhibit himself and to enter the art market. Small formats, but also large canvases and diptychs can be seen on virtual galleries. David Antonio Loureiro flew with three other artists (from Ireland, Korea and the USA) to Shanghai, where contemporary art galleries are multiplying. During the residency, they spent four days in the temple of the Buddhist master Dahan, with fruitful exchanges about art. He created seven works during his stay.

His work is currently still on display in Shanghai and available for sale. However, other works by David Antonio Loureiro can be seen on the Web, whose universe “questions our relationship to the world, its authority figures and establishes a dialogue not with the visible, but with a human experience”.

Article by Dominique Louet for Paris-Normandie.
Link to the article on the Paris-Normandie website: www.paris-Normandie.fr

David in his studio

“le fusillé souriant”